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S1 E10: Allison Segarra Hansen

February 27, 2018

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All (Tiny) Hands on Deck for Episode 2

April 29, 2017

To say that the Class Dismissed team had fun recording episode 2 is an understatement!


Chris kept us lively and laughing by producing the entire episode with his tiny hands as we talked through the implications of NYC's requirement that principals obtain approval to suspend students and what that means for management in the classroom.


We also hear from a caller who doesn't know what to do about a colleague who publicly disciplined one of her students in a way she didn't agree with, a teacher who can't seem to get her new student teacher to fill the shoes her previous student teacher did, and a veteran teacher seeking innovation but facing some real resistance from his fellow teachers who seem content doing what they've always done.


Episodes start dropping on June 6! In the meantime, follow us on social @classdismissedu and call us at (312) 772–6126 or email us at classdismissed@fulcrumeducationsolutions.com with your school issues.


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