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S1 E10: Allison Segarra Hansen

February 27, 2018

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S0 E01: Class Dismissed Intro, Suspensions & Calls from Teachers

June 6, 2017

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On the pod this week:

Suspensions have been in the news a lot recently. We've read things from NPR, and couple of different pieces from Chalkbeat ( 1 | 2 ) about changes to suspension policies in NYC that require principals to receive authorization to suspend students for certain things. That got us thinking and sparked a lively conversation about the intent of the policy changes and how that collides with reality in funky ways: from principal training and capacity building to classroom management and administrative support for teachers to disconnected bureaucracy making decisions without the ground-level context. Just how important are suspensions to preserving a productive learning environment and how can we prevent suspension abuse and its far-reaching negative consequences for students?


Then, we hear from two of our listeners. Our first listener emailed us to describe her new student teacher who is not as good as the one she had last year. How can she help her student teacher learn and grow as a teacher while still holding herself ultimately responsible for her students' learning? Next, we get a call from a first grade teacher struggling with how to deal with a colleague who disciplined one of her students in a way that she didn't appreciate. Should she confront and correct her colleague or just let it be?


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