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S1 E10: Allison Segarra Hansen

February 27, 2018

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S0 E03: Impersonalized Learning?

June 20, 2017

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On the pod this week:
Has your school jumped on the new BIG THING in education yet? Personalized Learning is all the rage! An iPad in every hand, a Chromebook on every desk, a chicken in every pot! Heck...most days, we'd settle for a pencil that wasn't borrowed from the teacher, which will never be returned, in every hand...


With ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act) giving states and local districts more authority to invest in and test classroom innovations, many states (including Rhode Island) are investing heavily in personalized learning. But is it skirting the issue? Is it actually giving students the personalized and self-guided curriculum it intends to -- or is it decontextualizing learning so much that it makes "mastery" arbitrary? Is it empowering teachers or mechanizing the profession? Follow us down some digital rabbit holes to analyze the impact these personalized learning initiatives are having on teachers and student learning from the classroom perspective.


Later, we respond to emails from two teachers. Our first emailer feels like her administration is too buddy-buddy with parents and doesn't know how (or if!) she should confront her principal about it. Our next emailer asks that age-old question: should I stay or should I go? But behind that is some very real anxiety caused by the high-stakes testing environment of the school...


Find out what our AOL Instant Messenger screen names were, who our super secret mystery guest is, and what Dashboard Confessional lyric speaks to our innermost being.


All this -- and more -- on this episode of Class Dismissed.

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