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S1 E10: Allison Segarra Hansen

February 27, 2018

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S0 E04: Past the Presidential Persona, New Policies Trump Progress

June 29, 2017

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On the pod this week:

We've finally done it. We had to address the proverbial elephant in the room. It's Trump-DeVos week on Class Dismissed. (In honor of the 20th Anniversary of the release of the first Harry Potter book, we shall refer to them as Voldemort and Delores Umbridge.)


In seriousness though, we dive into the school and teacher-level implications of the proposed Department of Education budget to try and understand exactly what will happen to public education in our country. Cuts to Career and Technical Education programs, the 21st Century after-school program grant, Title II funding that goes towards teacher and principal professional development, and the student loan forgiveness program for public servants (ahem, that means you teachers...), among many other cuts, leave us with many unanswered questions and lots of animosity towards these two.


What else does this budget do to schools besides promote the only word either of them can mention when it comes to education: choice? What does it say about the future direction of public schooling in our country? Who will fight them on this? How can we as school-based educators help that fight?


We then hear from several callers about the problems they're facing right now in their schools (that thankfully have nothing to do with Voldemort or Umbridge). Our first caller is struggling to get the teachers she's coaching to see their own actions as something that can influence their students when their are so many other issues and factors that they bring with them into the classroom. (Check out our Facebook page to see how Cal sketches out his solution.)


Then, a teacher faces pressure from her principal to pass a student with an IEP who just hasn't been cutting the mustard with his work or learning.


Finally, a reading intervention specialist is wondering how she can get her gen ed counterparts to work with her and see her work as an important asset to their kids rather than hold it against her that she's always pulling kids out for individual help.


All this -- and a super special debate at the end of the episode -- on this week's Class Dismissed!



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