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S1 E10: Allison Segarra Hansen

February 27, 2018

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S1 E02: One for You, One for Me

September 26, 2017

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On the Pod this week:

Andy's out this week. Why? Listen and find out...


And he missed such a good episode! It's a big one... We promise! Some long anticipated reasons to tune in!


In the "What Are You Thinking About?" segment:


Then, we're joined by Ido Leffler, the Co-Founder and CEO of Yoobi, a buy-one, give-one school supply company in the model of Toms or Warby Parker. We talk school supplies, his work with underserved communities and the inspiration he got from his mother who was teacher.


Check out Yoobi's website at www.yoobi.com or find their products at Target. And follow them on Twitter @yoobigives.


We also take calls from a few of our listeners:

  • A social worker looking to improve attendance in her school.

  • A school administrator looking for tangible ways to build her staff's ability to reflect on lines of difference and race relations among students and teachers.


Call us with your teacher questions or comments and reactions to this episode: (312) 772-6126 or classdismissed@fulcrumeducationsolutions.com.


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