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S1 E10: Allison Segarra Hansen

February 27, 2018

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S1 E08: Extracurriculars, etc.

December 19, 2017

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This week on the pod...

You hear them every episode on Class Dismissed, but now we've got them live and in-person! Andrew DeMuro, Phil Jacobson, and Mark Jacobson of The Shades, whose song "The Wild Fire" is our theme song, join us to talk about the classroom inspiration behind their music, the state of music education, and their involvement with Guitars Over Guns, a non-profit empowering at-risk youth through music and mentoring programs.


Check out their new EP, Miles Made of Inches, on all streaming music services, including Apple Music and Spotify, and follow them on all social platforms (@wetheshades)!


We also get into the weeds in an attempt to figure out some big things that have been on our minds:

  • We're experiencing a reckoning in terms of sexual assault and harassment and perpetrators facing consequences for their actions (What up, Roy Moore? Thanks Alabama!), but what role do schools and teachers play in breaking the cycle so that we're not repeating this with every generation of men? There are many things that teachers can do, but what needs to happen in teacher preparation programs to better prepare teachers to handle this complex and important issues?

  • Instructional rounds are a very popular tool for school and district leaders to get a high-level picture of what's happening in classrooms, but there are some real problems with them in execution. Naturally, Andy has a helpful resource to set up participants before walkthroughs to push past the "culture of nice" that plagues instructional rounds.

  • The moratorium on school closing in Chicago is over in 2018 after the closing of 50 schools in 2012 -- will we see more school closings in the coming year? What are the effects of school closings? The multi-faceted reasons behind closing schools? The benefits? And what's making it so hard for everyone sitting around the table to see each other's perspective on the matter? 


And what would a Class Dismissed episode be without hearing from one of our listeners with their school-based problem?

  • We hear from a new school leader opening a school next year who wants to get in front of some of the middle school apathy and doldrums he's seen in other schools during his planning year. What DO we actually do with middle school students to keep them engaged in school during those formative years? (In true fashion, Andy has some important research for us to consider.)


Call in with your own school-based problems at (312) 772-6126 or email at classdismissed@fulcrumeducationsolutions.com to hear our advice in an upcoming episode.


Listen now:


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