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S1 E10: Allison Segarra Hansen

February 27, 2018

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S1 E09: Bill Kennedy

January 30, 2018

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This week on the pod...


Our guest is Bill Kennedy, the Co-Director of the Urban Teacher Education Program (UTEP) at the University of Chicago.


UTEP is an innovative teacher residency program that emphasizes the practical aspects of teacher preparation as well as a deep understanding of issues related to race, diversity, and identity that take on heightened importance for those teaching in an urban environment.


We talk to Bill about what makes UTEP unique, what makes it challenging, and what lessons we can learn from it for teacher preparation and teacher retention efforts more broadly.


As always, we also get into some hot topics that have been on our minds recently:

  • Chicago's school performance was the subject of a big study out of Stanford that stated that it leads the nation in academic growth. Is Chicago doing better than everyone else? Or is this a case of misrepresenting the data and reading it how we want it to be read? And what's the big deal anyways?

  • Indianapolis is trying to lure people to live in the city and teach in its schools by offering subsidized housing for teachers. Will this help attract and keep good teachers? Or is it just another sign that we should just pay teachers more so they don't need subsidized housing?

  • And in the long-read of the week, we take a closer look at The New Yorker profile of Eva Moskowitz and her Success Academies in New York City. Under all of the typical arguments against charter schools, there are some interesting pedagogical approaches that are surprisingly progressive in nature creating some tension with the no-excuses, high-expectations, test-prep mentality of the schools. As teachers, can we have our cake and eat it too - being progressive with our pedagogy but not to the detriment of student learning as measured on standardized tests?

Finally, a listener writes in with an issue she's facing with her overbearing supervisor. She's already resigned herself to leaving after this year because of the extreme micromanagement, but how should she operate in the meantime without going crazy or completely ignoring the issue?


Listen now:


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